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Manage My Booking -

We have provided you with a quick and easy way to check your holiday balance, make a payment to your holiday or pay any outstanding balance. This is a great way to pay off your holiday in installments without having to pay one lump sum on your balance due date.

You will require your booking reference and departure date as shown on your invoice to obtain the details of your holiday and any outstanding balance.
Booking reference:
This is a 7 digit number e.g. 2114562
Your booking reference can be found on your Neilson Sales Receipt or Invoice
Lead passenger's surname 
NOTE: Only the Surname should be provided e.g. Jones:
Please enter the lead passengers surname that the booking was made under
Departure date:
Please enter your departure date in the format DD.MM.YYYY e.g 20.04.2014 or pick the date from the calendar